We support

entrepreneurial teams

At Series P we are committed to ensuring that each company achieves its development and growth through the investment of resources for innovation and sustainability.

We believe in change as the only alternative for evolution towards a better world. Our passion is to support projects of companies that have the same goal of responsible growth and purpose.

We support entrepreneurial teams in the strategy and implementation of projects in the following areas:

ESG, descarbonización y alineamiento con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Public funding, grants, loans with preferential conditions and/or tax incentives.


ESG criteria are the environmental, social and governance factors developed to evaluate a company’s impact on society.

Direct funding

Our task is to find the way of public funding that best suits the type of company and project to be developed .

Indirect funding

Tax incentives that promote innovation within technology companies by reducing start-up costs.

It is the time to work towards creating a more ecological, digital and resilient Europe.

Recovery plan for Europe - Next Generation EU

Adopting an innovative and sustainable development strategy can help a company position itself on the market and generate greater competitiveness.

Thanks to our advice, you will have the right tools to meet ESG and innovation challenges in terms of strategy and financing.

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